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  • October 04-06, 2023
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego
  • Wed, 04 Oct 2023 17:00:00 -0700

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Ticket type is based on your company type. Here’s how we determine which ticket type you qualify for.

Retail Global defines a retailer as a company that meets the following criteria:
The core business is to sell consumer goods directly to the end consumer via storefront, catalogue, television or online.
The company must own the merchandise it sells (sorry Marketplaces, as this is a huge lead generator for you, we do not categorise you as a retailer)
The company must be able to provide a business license confirming its status upon request.
The company must currently be in business.

Retail Global defines a service provider as a company whose core business is to provide products, services or solutions to retailers. Examples include:
Your company primarily sells business-to-business or wholesale. While an individual consumer could purchase a product from you directly, most of your customers are businesses. Example: A company that sells marketing automation systems primarily sells them to businesses.
Your company runs a website, provides an eCommerce platform, and/or processes transactions on behalf of a retailer as a third party. Example: ABC Company runs the website for XYZ Retailer, but its staff is employed by ABC Company. ABC is the vendor and XYZ is the Retailer.

Retail Global welcomes industry members of the press to cover its conferences. Due to the increasing number of media attending our events, we have established an approval policy for granting editorial press members complimentary registration. For more information, contact

Analysts may be either individuals or organisations whose core business is producing research and analysis on issues related specifically to the retail industry. For more information contact

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